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Inclusion leads

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CLES Cornwall Inclusion Lead: Professor Annette Broderick

I am Chair of the Inclusivity Committee for CLES Cornwall and Professor of Marine Conservation. I believe it is really important to be an inclusive department, we are all different, regardless of sex, ethnicity and beliefs, and we bring different ideas and opinions to the table. If we do not use these in decision-making, we may not be making the right choices, and we are probably not representing the population for whom we are making decisions.

I am very happy to discuss any issues relating to inclusivity with staff or students - please email me

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Biosciences Streatham Inclusion Lead: Dr Andrew Griffiths

I originally joined Exeter in 2001 to start my PhD focusing on the population genetics of fish on Dartmoor National Park, a local unique highly protected environment. Whilst I have worked across many different institutions, I have found myself coming back to the University of Exeter as a post-doctoral researcher and most recently as an education & scholarship lecturer. I hope this means I have a range of experience to represent our staff and students, combined with a strong belief in the importance of inclusion. Please do contact me to discuss issues relating to inclusion in our Department.

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Geography Streatham Inclusion Lead: Professor Jo Little

I came to Exeter in 1994 and am now Professor of Gender and Geography. My research has had two main strands - rural geography and gender and geography. A number of projects have combined the two interests. Most recently I have researched issues of gender and fear in rural communities and, in particular, the expereince of and response to domestic violence and abuse in the countryside.

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Psychology Inclusion Co-Lead: Dr Ioanna Kapantai

I am an E&S (Education & Scholarship) Lecturer in the Department of Psychology. As part of this role, I teach a range of modules including Undergraduate and Postgraduate modules. I also supervise students on both the Undergraduate and MSc level.

I am also a member of the Executive Team for the Department's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team. As part of this, I lead on several initiatives including the Academic Peer Mentorship Scheme, the Autism Acceptance Week Event, the Decolonize Psychology bookclub and others.

I also work alongside other colleagues to support student well-being by organising student-centred events.

Contact Ioanna

Psychology Inclusion Co-Lead: Dr Joe Sweetman

I am a lecturer and co-lead for inclusion in Psychology. At the university level, I am a member of the CLES inclusion group, Race Equality Group and Provost commission. I am also a (steering group) member of the BME staff, students and allies network. I’ve been involved in social, global, and environmental justice and union activism and movements since my post-graduate days. Before this I helped coordinate mentoring projects in London's Black community.

My philosophy: It is my intent that students and staff from all diverse backgrounds and perspectives - gender, sexuality, disability, age, class, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, race, nationality, and culture - be well served by the university. From my own perspective, science is a critical, collaborative enterprise that is ultimately driven forward by minority thinking. Irrational and, frankly, uncivilised systems of oppression and prejudice have stopped minoritized groups from fully contributing to science and, of course, other areas of human affairs.

When I think of just how many “Marie Curies” sexism and patriarchy has robbed science and humanity of or how many “Alan Turings” have been driven to suicide by uncivilised authorities I’m deeply saddened and, more importantly, morally outraged into action. When we multiple this negative impact on science by (the intersection of) the other forms of oppression mentioned above, we understand one reason why we understand so little in many areas of rational inquiry. I’m motivated to make this college, and university, a more civilised place where the science, and society in general, can benefit. Please reach out: Your suggestions are encouraged and appreciated, who knows we might help make some progress together!

Contact Joe

Sport and Health Sciences Inclusion Lead: Dr Sharon Dixon

Dr Sharon Dixon is an Associate Professor in the School of Sport and Health Sciences at the University of Exeter, and has been a lecturer here since January 1999. Dr Dixon is the Equality and Diversity Champion for Sport and Health Sciences, and is Chair of the Sport and Health Sciences Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

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Technical Services Inclusion Lead: Dr Garrick Taylor

Garrick has been Senior Laboratory Manager for Sport and Health Sciences since December 2018.

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CLES Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Advisor: Beth Pitcher

Beth is an EDI advisor at the University of Exeter. The EDI Team increases awareness and capability of EDI opportunities through advising on policy and ensuring compliance, as well as delivering bespoke workshops and presentations as requested. Beth works within the EDI Governance structure and with college inclusion groups on approaches to external accreditation work such as Athena SWAN and the Race Equality Charter Mark.

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Other people to talk to

If you have a concern or question about inclusion and would prefer to speak to someone outside of your department, these contacts may be helpful:

Speak Out Guardians

The Speak Out Guardians (For staff) are independent and are able to listen to employee concerns, identify trends or themes and enable confidentiality at all times.

Dignity and Respect Advisors

Dignity and Respect Advisors are members of staff from across the University who are trained to provide a confidential and informal service for anyone involved in cases of harassment or bullying (including those facing allegations about their behaviour). 

The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team

The EDI team provide professional advice, guidance and the tools to enable everyone working or studying at Exeter to take individual responsibility and help create an inclusive community. Contact the EDI team here.

Reporting and advice

You can also report an incident confidentially or access help and advice on the Exeter Speaks Out website.