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Resources and support

Resources and Support

MyPGR is an online facility which allows you and your supervisor(s) to track and manage your progress, and which provides a structure to help you manage your studies. It is a mechanism to arrange meetings with your supervisory team; complete and access records of supervisory meetings and store thesis drafts for review by supervisors. This creates a record of all or most of your meetings and discussions where you and your supervisor can summarise the actions that need to be taken as well as matters discussed.

MyPGR is available through iExeter

Available for loan to students and staff are:

  • digital voice recorders
  • transcribing equipment
  • digital camera
  • digital video cameras (basic models)

To book any of these items please contact

Physical Geography equipment will be kept by the Physical Geography Technicians.


Geography owns a number of vehicles (based at the Exeter campus) for staff and postgraduate use for local journeys (a hire car should be used for journeys further afield). You will need to provide your valid driving license (for photocopying) and get your supervisor to sign a form before you can be considered to drive the Geography vehicles. See Neville England for this.

If you have a driving licence from a non-European Community country you will need to exchange it for a UK licence within 12 months of entering the country.

Signing in/out

There is a whiteboard situated outside the Workshop (room 148, Amory) where all of the vehicle information is held. Vehicles cannot be booked more than three weeks in advance. When you pick up the keys, please write on the board where you are going and what time you will be back. This is a safety precaution and it is up to everybody to check that fellow colleagues return from fieldwork.

We have three dedicated spaces for the Geography vehicles at the rear of the Amory Building however Campus Services are able to use our dedicated spaces when visiting the building for repairs etc. Please ensure that, when it is necessary to park a Geography vehicle in a space other than one of the dedicated spaces, it does not obstruct the other parking places. Although it is not ideal, in extremis a vehicle should be parked across the front of our dedicated vehicle parking spaces, since it would be possible for us to move it in order to use one of the vehicles parked in the dedicated spaces and we would not be inconveniencing anyone else.


Each Geography vehicle is supplied with a dedicated fuel card, kept in the vehicle along with the breakdown services membership card.

When purchasing fuel please be sure the garage accepts our type of fuel card, most do. At the time of payment please ensure that the vehicle registration number and current mileage are included on the sales voucher. Also record the fuel amount and mileage details on the vehicle log sheet.

Vehicle log sheets are kept in each van, and must be filled in clearly for each journey, no matter how short. This enables accurate mileage charges to be made for each 3-month period.

Technical Services

There are numerous resources available for students, including excellent lab facilities and technical staff. Students are expected to do their own lab work as part of skills development during a PhD. Technical staff are available to assist with training on use of equipment and methodologies, and will run some instruments where is necessary. Some resources may be available to assist with lab intensive work and enquiries should be made through your supervisor to the senior lab manager.

Your supervisor must be aware and approve your use of technical services, firstly for general usage and secondly and more importantly when you have a specific requirement which has greater time and cost implications. Availability of technical staff varies and it may be necessary to prioritise requests according to Geography policies and strategies.


Mr Trevor Sharp .. Senior Desktop Support Consultant, +44 (0) 1392 725730

Windows, Linux and HPC at Streatham campus

Research and teaching support in the specialist areas of GIS, remote sensing and advanced image/data analysis

IT enquiries

Systems co-ordination and computing advice in School


Laboratory Technical Support Staff

Dr Joana Zaragoza-Castells, Laboratory Manager, +44 (0) 1392 723347

Lead on: C/N analysis, Continuous-flow analysis, Plant Transpiration analysis

Manages dissertation project laboratory research


Natascha Steinberg, Research Technician, +44 (0) 1392 723347

Lead on: Particle Size analysis, Microscopy

Advise and assist academic staff and students in laboratory techniques


Angela Elliott, Research Technician, +44 (0) 1392 723347

Lead on: pollen preparation

Advise and assist academic staff and students in laboratory techniques


Neville England, Workshop Technician, +44 (0) 1392 723197

To provide both mechanical and electronic engineering support to the department.

Design and manufacture of bespoke laboratory and field equipment.

Repair and maintenance of existing kit.

Day to day maintenance and servicing of departmental vehicles.

The University identity includes a logo, typefaces, PowerPoint template, and other design elements that together create a visual image that is recognisably ‘Exeter’. This, together with the way in which we describe ourselves and our activities, enables us to present a consistent and professional image in all our communications and other physical manifestations of our identity. For further information see the University's Visual Identity pages.

Education Enhancement provides professional support to academic staff and students in four areas: Skills Development (including 1:1 study skills advice); e-Learning Development; Academic Development (including professional development programmes such as Learning and Teaching in Higher Education [LTHE] courses for graduate teaching assistants); and Learning Spaces Development. On the Penryn campus Ask advisors can provide one-to-one guidance and information on all aspects of academic study and skills,

The Postgraduate Society is about ensuring your postgraduate experience at the University of Exeter is fun and rewarding. The Postgraduate Society is dedicated to representing postgraduate students’ social and recreational needs. Run by a committee of students, it can help you make the most of your time at Exeter.

Throughout the year, the Society organises socials, trips to other cities and places of interest, to provide everyone with opportunities to meet other postgraduates, celebrate successes and gives the chance to relax from studying. The Society will help you to make memories and friendships that last into your professional life and beyond.

The Society's committee work closely with the Students' Guild who represent the interests of postgraduates registered at Exeter campuses.

To request a PGR student profile for the website, please complete the PGR student profile form.

Please fill in as much detail as you can. This information will be used on your PGR student profile page on the University of Exeter website.

Once completed please return, along with a photo of yourself, to Helen Evans who will set up your profile and add you to the PGR lists on the website.