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Outreach in Cornwall

Community Outreach

The College of Life and Environmental Sciences (CLES) on the Cornwall Campus run a variety of exciting programmes, activities and events aimed at promoting science to young people.

We are keen to develop our outreach activities and meet the needs of local schools and colleges, so if you would like to discuss possible future activities with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Tel: 01326 255040 Email:

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Whether it’s sneaking through the rockpools on a Cornish beach or finding out the best way to cook your Christmas turkey, there’s a CLES event for any occasion. They’re fun, engaging, informative, and absolutely free! Young children and pre-teens will love our range of science-based events.

What's on:


Every year our students, with support from staff and the FXU Students Union, lead a BioBlitz of Penryn Campus - a large scale wildlife surveying and monitoring event over a 24 hour period. The BioBlitz is held annually to collect continuous records of the species at Penryn Campus, and to keep solid contact between the campus, the community, and the local biodiversity.

There’s always lots to see and do, including:

  • Guided walks of our beautiful campus
  • ID stations
  • Exhibitions from local conservation organisations
  • Pond dipping, mammal trapping and bird ringing
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Bouncy Castle

How Science Works Spring Conference

(March and November Annually)

How Science Works is an exciting collaboration between Penryn College and the University of Exeter that brings animated science experiments to local primary schools. Our student volunteers work with primary school staff on a weekly basis to help the children with their arranged activities. The event culminates in all schools attending the How Science Works Conference, an exciting afternoon of biscuit-eating and scientific discussion!

 Falmouth Street Festival

 Science in the Square


We have a number of workshops aimed at GCSE and A-Level students designed to tie in with the national curriculum. We’re able to run these for school groups visiting the University or we can visit your school.

To find out more please see our Visiting us page.



Life Magazine student magazine showcases the research conducted in our department and captures some of the excitement of studying biology at degree level. We also have a magazine aimed at Key Stage 2 pupils, Chough Stuff, which contains science themed puzzles and activities.

Sensory Ecology games

Our Sensory Ecology games are designed to test a variety of theories regarding animal camouflage, coloration, and vision through citizen science approaches using computer games. The experiments test theories related to both real animals as well as broader key concepts. They have been undertaken in collaboration with a range of organisations, including the Natural History Museum, London, the California Academy of Sciences, and FoAM Kernow.

Cricket Tales game

Cricket Tales is the first long-term study on the behaviour of wild insects. By tagging events in the videos, you are contributing directly to research that will show whether crickets have individual personalities. This tells us how flexible their lifestyles are, and how insects might cope as our climate changes. Play the game and you will see the latest results, including the data that you contribute!

Naturewatch Youtube videos

NatureWatch is run by student societies EcoSoc and WildDocSoc along with the College of Life and Environmental Sciences. Each episode is filmed, produced and presented by students from both the University of Exeter and Falmouth University.