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Meet the iGEM team from 2017
Staff and students discuss equality in science

University of Exeter iGEM Team


What is iGEM?

The iGEM competition is a worldwide synthetic biology (SynBio) competition where multidisciplinary teams of undergraduate students come together to work on a SynBio project of their own design. The team will be responsible for the design of the project, its implementation in the lab and its documentation on the iGEM wiki. The team will also present posters and various presentations throughout the project culminating in the Giant Jamboree in (hopefully) Paris in late October/early November 2022.

iGEM is not just about the science!! At Exeter iGEM we are a truly multi-disciplinary team and are looking for students who are also interested in the Human Practice elements of the competition. Human Practices looks at establishing a two-way dialogue with stakeholders and the public to help further SynBio projects as well as SynBio education (An example of which can be seen below with the 2017 team discussing equality in science).

iGEM at Exeter

Exeter has an excellent record in this completion with its first team taking part in 2012 and has worked hard to establish itself as a gold winning regular (Examples of the work done by past Exeter iGEM teams can be seen below).

  • iGEM 2017 - The team achieved a Gold medal and were also awarded the special awards for Best Environmental Project and Best Applied Design.
  • iGEM 2018 - The team achieved a Gold medal.
  • iGEM 2019 - The team achieved a Gold medal and were also nominated for Best Environment Project, Best Model and Best Wiki and won Best Hardware, Best Integrated Human Practice and Best Entrepreneurship. 
  • iGEM 2020 - The team achieved a Gold medal.

What is expected of an iGEM team member?

Team members are expected to attend a bootcamp week (during the Easter vacation) where they will receive a crash course in everything synthetic biology. The main part of the project begins on the first Monday after the last week of Term 3, and runs throughout the summer break. Students are expected to take holiday during this time! Preparation for the Giant Jamboree will take place in the Autumn term and the Jamboree itself will be held, hopefully in Paris, in late October/early November 2022.

Team members will receive a stipend (Yes that's right, not only is it an amazing opportunity but you get paid to do it) to work over the summer (£1,800) as well as having the cost of attendance at the Giant Jamboree covered.

Be on this year's team

We are looking for any student (who is not in the last year of their degree) in any college/discipline that feels they can contribute to the 2022 team. team, you can apply using the iGEM 2022 Application form If you would like to be on this year's iGEM team, you can apply using the iGEM 2022 Application form. The application deadline is 31 January 2022.

For any questions about iGEM or how the application process works, please ask them on the Exeter iGEM Padlet.

Come and find out about being an iGEM 2022 team member

We will be running Drop-In sessions designed to tell you everything you need to know about being an iGEM team member and answer any questions you may have. Please keep checking this page to see when they are or register your interest by emailing Dr Chloe Singleton

Drop-In sessions will be held in the Peter Chalk Centre room 1.2, on Wednesday 19th and Wednesday 26th January, 14:30-15:30. Please come along to ask questions about Exeter iGEM.