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Sustainability policy 
Date of Approval May 2014 Expiry Date May 2016
Author and Lead Mike Wetherell, CLES Biological Safety Officer, University of Exeter.
Karen Gallagher, University Sustainability Officer, University of Exeter.
Aims The College of Life and Environmental Science (CLES) is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all staff, students and visitors. This Standard aims to define the responsibilities for compliance and management of this policy within the College for the purpose of carrying out teaching, experiments and research.
Scope This policy is based upon the university sustainability policy, guidance and requirements. It aims to explain how the College plans to deal and communicate the university expectations. This policy takes into account all relevant legislation.
Definitions Sustainability
Relevant Legislation SWW trade effluent consent
EA legislation and HSE
University Policy
WEEE regulations
Responsibility for implementation Colleges and Professional Services
Training availability: Sustainability module for coordinators
Online sustainability module for all staff (.pdf)
Standard to meetAccountabilityReference documents and more information
1. Managers and PI’s will ensure that all staff and students are aware of this college policy. For staff it will be included in their induction. For students this will be with the student handbook. All information will be available via the College safety WebPages. Managers and/ or PI’s University policy (.pdf)
2. Managers will ensure that all appropriate documentation is available and regularly updated. This will include details of, governance, coordinator network, policies and compliance and management documentations. Managers College governance (sustainability) (.pdf)

College sustainability coordinators (.pdf)
3. Managers will ensure staff complete the university online sustainability module. The link to this will be within their induction information or by following the link above. Managers

Hazardous waste disposal (.pdf)

4. Managers will ensure that a process for reporting accident that may impact upon the environment or contravene the university policy can be reported. Managers  
5. All documentation will be available to all staff and students and a list of these items that are legally not allowed to be discharged to drain. Managers  
6. Staff and students must follow the information provided within this document and staff should complete the online sustainability course. Staff and students A-Z disposal list
7. Staff will ensure that any incidents that contravene this policy are reported to the College safety office or university sustainability office. Staff and students