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College of Life and Environmental Sciences Health and Safety Standard

Occupational Health

The aim of Occupational Health is to encourage and support an environment within the university which helps staff fulfill their potential, irrespective of disability and ill health. Our work is to prevent work-related illness and injury and to assist staff to return to work after sickness absence. All Occupational Health staff work under a professional code of confidentiality. Unless an individual’s consent has been given to disclose further information, information to line managers and/or Human Resources will only be on terms of fitness to work and for any modifications needed in the workplace.


Guidance and advice

If you are a member of staff

If you believe you are suffering a health problem which might be linked to your work, you can self-refer to the Occupational Health Service. All self-referrals to the Occupational Health Service are treated in the strictest confidence. You are however encouraged to report any work-related health problems to your line manager. Occupational Health Advisors (OHA) will not pass any medical information to a third party without your informed consent. Any information passed to a third party with consent, can be copied to you, if you so wish.

Advice and guidance

Any member of staff can telephone or email the Occupational Health Service when seeking advice or guidance about a work-related health issue/problem.


Staff are encouraged to arrange their own appointment direct with the Occupational Health Service. This can be done by telephone or email. Staff are normally seen in the Occupational Health Unit, on the Streatham Campus. However, in some circumstances and where necessary, staff may be seen at their place of work. OHAs travel to Tremough as often as possible and will see staff based at Tremough (by appointment) on their visits to Cornwall.