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College of Life and Environmental Sciences Health and Safety Standard

First Aid at Work

The University has a duty under the First Aid at Work Regulations to provide first aid for its staff.  It is also the University’s policy to extend this provision to include students, visitors and members of the public, whilst on our campuses.
  1. First Aiders have been trained to a high level of competence on HSE approved courses. They receive refresher training every 3 years.
  2. First Aiders are trained to manage an emergency, provide emergency treatment to injured persons and remain with them until professional medical help arrives.
  3. First Aiders are not able to provide professional medical treatment, provide diagnoses or dispense medicines.

What to do if you or a colleague needs first aid at work

  1. Contact your nearest first aider. (These names can be found on a list next to all first aid boxes as well as other various locations around the building)
  2. If necessary call for an ambulance and advise Estate Patrol (01392 263999 or Ext 3999) (Streatham and St Luke's Campuses); or (Cornwall Campus) contact Reception on 01326 370400.  If an ambulance is called, also advise the Health and Safety Office (01392 269340) as they will need to investigate and collect evidence.
  3. Ensure that a University Accident / Incident Report form is completed and sent to the Health & Safety Office.  This is normally carried out by the First Aider but can be done by any member of staff.

Free Lifesaving App - The 'St John Ambulance First Aid' app is available for both iPhone and Android mobile phone users.  The app provides advice on both minor and major emergencies, which is easily digestible whether consulted: at leisure or when under pressure.

First Aiders list

Streatham Campus
Use the A-Z to find your building

A-B | C-D | E-F | G-H | I-J | K-L | M-N | O-P | Q-R | S-T | U-Z

St Luke's Campus and Medical School

This page contains a full list of First Aiders and their locations.

Penryn Campus

This page contains a full list of First Aiders and their locations.

If you wish to become a University First Aider please contact the Health & Safety Office.

First Aid and Nursing Mothers' Rooms

The University's First Aid Rooms are provided and equipped for the use of First Aiders assisting persons requiring first aid. They are not normally staffed; therefore you should first seek the assistance of a First Aider nearby. Each First Aid Room is also equipped for Nursing Mothers with a chair and fridge.

These are located at:

Streatham Campus
Room 115, Old Library Building. See the Streatham Campus map.

St Luke's Campus
Holnicote Building. See the St Luke's Campus map.

Cornwall Campus (Tremough)
Reception (a separate room just off reception). See the Cornwall Campus map.