"Our dedicated £30 million Environment and Sustainability Institute is leading cutting-edge interdisciplinary research into solutions to problems of environmental change."
Professor Kevin J Gaston, Director of the Environment and Sustainability Institute, Cornwall Campus

"In an age where our environment is changing faster than our understanding of the effects of this change, we are addressing factors that influence biodiversity and complexity in the natural world."
Professor Dave Hosken, Director of the Centre for Ecology and Conservation, Cornwall Campus

"Our Energy Policy Group is the progressive energy group in the UK. We focus on how to undertake the transformation from the current dirty energy system to a secure and sustainable one."
Professor Catherine Mitchell, Professor of Energy Policy

"The lecturers utilise the environment and landscape for their research, attracting both high-profile academics and like-minded students who are enthusiastic to embrace all that Cornwall has to offer."
Abi Brady, Geography student

"The University strives for research excellence alongside teaching, which creates a vibrant atmosphere. Students can tell we love our research and that inspires the teaching."
Professor Nina Wedell, Professor of Evolutionary Biology

Tackling environmental challenges

Be part of the solution

Are you interested in the environment and issues of sustainability? Do you dream of working in related fields? Do you already work in this area but would like to further develop your knowledge, skills and career?

Environmental challenges facing our planet are acknowledged to be some of the most critical and urgent of the 21st century. These present a fascinating set of dilemmas and opportunities for today’s policy makers, researchers and practitioners and there is a growing demand for knowledge and expertise in relevant fields.

The University of Exeter is contributing to international efforts to find solutions to these challenges, undertaking research, advising policy makers, and training experts in fields related to the environment, sustainability and climate change. Seven of our experts are contributing to the next Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), more than any other academic institution in the UK. We have over 300 environmental researchers who form part of a wider South West Peninsula network of around 1,000 environmental scientists including the UK Met Office, the Plymouth Marine Laboratory, and AstraZeneca’s environmental centre.

Join our commitment to sustainability at the Penryn Campus

At the University’s Penryn Campus in Cornwall our commitment to sustainability extends from our research and education into all that we do including the design of the buildings we occupy. This is exemplified by our flagship Environment and Sustainability Institute, home to world-leading research and due to achieve a BREEAM Outstanding rating for its building*. Sustainability is central to the management of the campus and we have an ambitious Environmental Sustainability Action Plan covering key issues including environmental and carbon management systems, procurement, waste, and biodiversity, enhanced by student-led activities.

With its history of marine, earth and environmental industries, Cornwall is an exceptional place to study issues related to the environment. The county is a perfect living laboratory which offers a diverse range of marine and terrestrial habitats, a wealth of natural resources and creative and resilient communities.

Learn with leading environmental researchers

The Penryn Campus presents a distinctive, intimate and vibrant environment. Students join a community of experts working at the forefront of knowledge creation and innovative application, and benefit from interaction with cutting-edge interdisciplinary research. Students and staff take advantage of outstanding teaching and research facilities and our links with the renewable energy sector, global mining industry, conservation and environment sector, and energy policy decision makers.

Discover our portfolio of challenging Masters courses in the College of Life and Environmental Sciences at the Penryn Campus in Cornwall

* BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) is the leading and most widely used environmental assessment method for buildings. ‘Outstanding’ is the highest classification.