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Ethics Approval for your Research

The University Ethics Framework recognises and requires research to accord with the commonly accepted ethical principles of autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence, confidentiality and integrity, other than in exceptional circumstances requiring approval from the Research Ethics Committee.

If your research involves one of the following, it will normally require ethical approval:

  • Research involving human participants or the use of material derived from human participants (this includes questionnaires and interviews).

  • Research involving the use of any personal data.

  • Research involving animals (this applies to all animals, including invertebrates, fish and other non-protected species, and includes behavioural and observation studies).

  • Research that has the potential to raise social issues or have any environmental impact.

All Ethics applications are made via the E-Ethics web-based system.

Ethical approval should be carried out prior to starting research.

If you have questions about the formal process of applying for E-Ethical approval please contact your research supervisor in first instance.


For research likely to involve more serious or complex ethical questions (for example, research with vulnerable individuals, or research that requires additional ethical approval from external agencies such as the Health Research Authority), please contact the Geography Ethics Committee for advice and support: