Sport and Health Sciences

The upgrade procedure should be started no later than 18 months after initial registration, 36 months for part-time students.

In brief, this should include a brief summary of the background literature relevant to the student’s project together with a succinct description of the issues that are addressed in the document, a rationale for the empirical studies (or equivalent depending on the research paradigm) being proposed to undertake or have already undertaken, and a clear indication of how these will constitute 'a distinct contribution to knowledge of the subject'. It must also include a short report on at least one empirical study (or equivalent) the student has conducted so far. It should end with about 1,000 words describing the future research plans, including a detailed thesis plan (specifying dates when the student expects to complete different phases of the data-collection and writing). In many cases students will have written, and their supervisors seen, draft literature reviews and/or write ups of work longer than can be accommodated within the 12,000 words of the upgrade report; the upgrade report may therefore consist partly of edited highlights - extracts of such longer documents with suitable linking material.

Appealing your Upgrade outcome

Students have a right of appeal against academic decisions and recommendations made by the upgrade panel. For further information please see the University’s Procedure Relating to Student Academic Appeals.