MPhil in Biological Sciences and Geography – Penryn Campus

The assessment is started 6 months after initial registration for full time students and 12 months for part time students. There is an exception to this for students who are part of BBSRC SWBio Doctoral Training Partnership. For these students this deadline has been reviewed in order to accommodate the initial taught element of their programme and therefore, the review takes place 12 months after initial registration, 24 months for part-time students.

MyPGR will send you two automated reminders, but it is your responsibility to meet the deadline.

You will have a review meeting to discuss progress towards achieving the targets which you identified in your Supervision (learning) agreement. You should not prepare any additional written materials in advance of this meeting but, as part of your training in organisational skills, you will need to manage this assessment by organising the review meeting.

The review panel will be chaired by a nominated Assessor (member of staff with expertise in the topic of your research), and the Director of Postgraduate Research (DoPGR) or Deputy DoPGR. The PGR Support Office will confirm the names of your panel members in advance.

The reviewers will assess that you:

  • know what the background to your project is
  • have a clear set of aims and objectives
  • have developed methods
  • can write and communicate verbally using coherent English
  • are attending relevant training
  • have made adequate progress against the objectives in your learning agreement

The decision of the panel should be communicated verbally to you at the earliest possible opportunity, but a report in writing will also be supplied, providing a clear and detailed statement of the reactions of those present to the work and your performance.