Masters by Research students - Streatham Campus

The assessments is started 6 months after initial registration for full time students and 12 months for part time students. MyPGR will send you two automated reminders, but it is your responsibility to meet the deadline.

You will need to submit a progress report (maximum 1,000 words) which reviews your progress towards achieving the targets which you identified in your Supervision (learning) agreement. This report will be evaluated by your primary supervisor and the Director of Postgraduate Research or Deputy.

You will also need to prepare a short talk and a list of bullet points summarising progress against the targets set out in your Supervision (learning) agreement. You will be asked to attend a meeting to assess your progress. A decision on your progress will be made and communicated to you verbally and in writing

Students who have missed the deadline to submit their progress report and failed to request an extension to this deadline by contacting the appropriate PGR Support Office will receive an initial warning, under the TQA Manual ‘Unsatisfactory Progress Procedures

If sufficient progress has not been made you will receive an initial warning, under the TQA Manual ‘Unsatisfactory Progress Procedures’ and new target dates would then be set. If progress remains unsatisfactory, you would receive a Final Warning, which could lead to withdrawal from the programme.