Sport and Health Sciences


Documents on this page relate to specialist activities within Sport and Health Sciences. All forms are in pdf format unless otherwise stated.

Code of Practice

Sport and Health Sciences Health and Safety Code of Practice 2016-17

Research with children

Screening of adult participants prior to exercise

For healthy adult participants in the age range 18 to 60 years the SHS Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire version 2.0 should be used to assess their suitability for the proposed exercise intensity.

For older adults or participants drawn from clinical populations a bespoke risk assessment is require for each research study.

Risk assessments for exercise laboratory procedures

All procedures used with human participants within the exercise laboratories in Sport and Health Sciences should be assessed for risk.

For many of these procedures we have standard risk assessments. These can be accessed by Sport and Health Sciences staff and postgraduate research students on the CLES N drive at N:\Health-Safety\Risk Assessments\SHS. There is an Excel file containing an index to these at N:\Health-Safety\Risk Assessments (risk assessments for CLES.xlsx). Students on undergraduate or taught postgraduate courses can access these risk assessments via their dissertation module pages on ELE.

If your proposed procedure is not covered by a pre-existing assessment then please complete a new risk assessment form. The form and guidance to completing it can be found here: General risk assessment form‌ . PGR students should complete this in consultation with their supervisor who should be named as the "Assessor" on the form. The supervisor should then e-mail the form to David Childs who will check the assessment and issue a reference number for it.

Guidance for students on undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses on the procedure for completing a new assessment can be found within the dissertation module pages on ELE.

Please contact  David Childs if you need further advice.