College of Life and Environmental Sciences Health and Safety Standard

Permits to work policy
Date of Approval September 2013 Expiry Date September 2015
Author and Lead Mr Mike Wetherell, CLES Biological Safety Officer, University of Exeter
Aims The University is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all staff, students and visitors. This Standard aims to define the responsibilities for compliance and management of this policy within the College for the purpose of carrying out teaching, experiments and research.
Scope This policy ensures the safety and correct insurance cover is in place for external service engineers and members of the Campus Services. These contractors  must obtain a permit to work from the designated individuals within each discipline  before commencing any work in any potentially hazardous areas including laboratories, on roofs, in confined spaces etc.
Definitions Permit to work
Relevant Legislation HSE Permit to work Systems, University, College and Insurance Office Requirements
Responsibility for implementation College and Professional Services
Training availability:  
Standard to meetAccountabilityReference documents and more information
1. Managers will make sure all staff, contractors and engineers are aware of the latest requirements for health and safety within their potentially hazardous areas prior to them commencing work. Managers Permit to work template (.doc)
2. Managers (discipline designated individuals) will, once they are happy with the work to be carried out, issue the appropriate work permit. Managers Data base template (.xls)
3. Managers will let the relevant lab managers or other individuals in those areas aware that the contractors/engineers are entering their area to carry out the agreed work. Managers ‌HSE Guidance
4. Managers will store this suitable information within this document in an appropriate location for future use and reference. Managers  
5. Contractors/ engineers will only carry out the scheduled works during the agreed times and on completion return the work permit to the person who originally issued it, these old permits will then be filed. Contractors/ engineers  
6. Contractors/ engineers will let the college managers know of any issues they find while carrying out the work.  If they are unhappy they must not carry out the works. Contractors/ engineers