College of Life and Environmental Sciences Health and Safety Standard

Laboratory spills containment and response policy
Date of Approval June 2013 Expiry Date June 2015
Author and Lead Mr Mike Wetherell, CLES Biological Safety Officer, University of Exeter
Aims The University is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all staff, students and visitors. This Standard aims to define the responsibilities for compliance and management of this policy within the College for the purpose of carrying out teaching, experiments and research.
Scope This policy deals with the spillage of items within the laboratory environment. This policy should be used in conjunction with, amongst others, the disposal to drain of potentially harmful substances. This policy deals with the general responses expected from the college, issues with any spill not covered within this policy should be directed to the college safety office. 
Definitions Laboratory Spills Containment and Response Policy
Relevant Legislation HSE Emergency Response/ Spills Control
Responsibility for implementation College and Professional Services
Training availability:  
Standard to meetAccountabilityReference documents and more information
1. Managers and PI’s will ensure that all staff and students working within any laboratory will be made aware of this college policy Managers and/ or PI’s Policy Document (Laboratory Spills) (.pdf)
2. Managers will ensure that all appropriate documentation is available and regularly updated. Managers  
3. Managers will ensure that appropriate spills kits and signage are made available and maintained. Managers Spill kit Station Signage (.doc)

Spill Kit Signage (.doc)
4. Managers will ensure that processes for reporting accidental spills are reported.  This documentation is provided by Campus Services. Managers
5. Staff and students must follow instructions and safe operating procedures as identified within this policy. Staff and Students  
5. Staff will ensure that any incidents involving the above mentioned items are reported using the University of Exeter Incident reporting form Staff and Students