College of Life and Environmental Sciences Health and Safety Standard

Health and Safety Management within CLES
Date of Approval June 2014 Expiry Date June 2017
Author and Lead Nick Tongue Assistant College Manager (Infrastructure), CLES
Mr Mike Wetherell, Biological Safety Officer, University of Exeter
Aims The College of Life and Environmental Sciences is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all staff, students and visitors. This standard focuses on the health and safety management within the College, ensuring that all elements of the University Health and Safety Policy are implemented effectively within the College.
Scope This safety standard applies to all campuses of the University of Exeter.
Definitions This approved Health and Safety management document sets out the requirements of the Colleges in maintaining compliance to relevant University and Health and Safety Legislation.
Relevant Legislation Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974
The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations
Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Regulations 1977
Health and Safety (Consultation with Employees) Regulations 1996
Responsibility for implementation College Dean
Training availability: University Induction (all staff)
ILM level 3 – Health, Safety and Environmental Management for Managers
Health and Safety Courses – Specialist (according to role)
Health and Safety Refresher Training (all staff)
Standard to meetAccountabilityReference documents and more information
1. The College Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee is chaired by the College Dean. The terms of reference of the committee is set out in the attached document. Records of the discussions around health and safety will be posted on the College safety Web page.

Each discipline will hold termly Health and Safety meetings chaired by the Head of the discipline and the minutes will be posted on the College safety Web page
College Dean and College Executive Group (CEG)

Discipline and College safety Coordinators.
College H & S committee Terms of Reference (ToR) (.pdf) 

Link to Committee minutes
2. The College will receive data from the University Safety, Health and Wellbeing Service every term relating to all College accidents, incidents and ill-health data which is collated centrally. The College Health, Safety and Wellbeing committee will react to any appropriate actions that come out of this data. These actions should aim to reduce risks and provide opportunities to improvement for all staff. Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee.  
3. Annually, the College Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee will report to College Executive Group (CEG), detailing the Health and Safety arrangements in place and the assurances taken by the Health and Safety Committee on compliance. The report will be compiled by the ACMI in consultation with the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee. Actions arising from this report will be reported to the University Health and Safety Committee and taken forward as relevant. This will be led by the Assistant Director of Safety, Health and Wellbeing.

Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee

College ACMI

4. All draft University Health and Safety Standards will be distributed to Colleges via the Assistant College Manager (ACMI), as relevant, for comment. The draft standards will be circulated throughout the College by the ACM(I) for comments All specific Health and Safety Standards written by the University Health and Safety Department will be distributed to all staff. In deemed necessary these standards will be bespoke (local procedures) by the College ACMI to ensure specific College activities are covered.

The final approved standards will be added to the College Safety Web Pages. These Standards will be maintained by the College ACMI. Staff will be informed of new standards as they are adopted.
College ACMI

College Health and Safety Web Page

University Health and Safety policy (.pdf)

5. The College has produced a specific health and safety procedure document which is made available to all staff and students within the College. This document sets out how health and safety is managed within the College (organisational structure), who is accountable, committee structure and the process in place for escalation of health and safety issues College Dean and College Executive Group (CEG)

College ACMI
College H & S Management Policy (.pdf)

College Organisational Structure (.pdf)

College Based Safety Coordinator Structure (.pdf)

The College is responsible for ensuring that all staff and where appropriate students to receive all relevant safety training.

The College has determined the below types and frequency of training required for all staff:

Mandatory training

  • All new staff will attend University Induction which includes an induction to Health and Safety. All University Induction is recorded on Trent.
  • All new staff will receive a local induction which includes elements of health and safety, as required in their role. All local inductions must be recorded locally and be carried out by the College according to the local arrangements in place
  • All staff who have worked at the University for more than 3 years will attend a mandatory update session every 3 years to ensure they are kept up to date with all University Health and Safety arrangements.

Role specific health and safety training

  • Managers are required to identify any specific Health and Safety training required by their staff according to risks in their role (e.g. radiation protection, working at height, laser safety, and bottled gas safety).
  • Many of these specific courses are available centrally and can be booked via Trent.
  • In the event that a course is not available centrally, the Manager will discuss the requirement with the Health and Safety Department and a suitable plan will be developed to ensure training is received. Costs for these courses will be funded by the College.

Nominated Safety Roles

In addition to positions which require an enhanced safety role (e.g. Lab managers, Fieldwork leaders), Some staff will volunteer / chose to act in nominated safety roles such as qualified first aider, COSHH assessor or Fire Marshall. These staff will receive central training and update training as required. Specific requirements for training in these roles as set on in the relevant safety standard (e.g. first aid, fire, COSHH)

Health and Safety Training for Managers

  • Managers can choose to attend ILM level 3 approved courses “Health, Safety and Environmental Management”. 
  • Managers can also request 1:1 with a member of the Health and Safety Department as part of their induction / professional development.
College Dean and College Executive Group (CEG)

College ACMI


University Induction

Mandatory Training

Refresher Training

Training course

College ACMI contact Details

ILM Training

There are two types of University wide audit/ inspection that are reported to the University Health and Safety Committee. These have also been adopted by the College Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee.
The College will measure to what extend specific safety standards have been implemented. Compliance with safety standards will be audited once per year. Each standard will contain a section detailing what will be audited and how this will be carried out.

Reports demonstrating compliance by College will be produced for the Health and Safety Committee. Actions for Amber and Red results will be monitored until complete. The College is responsible for acting on audit results.

A more general walk about inspections will carried out by the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee. A small team (including a Health and Safety Union Representative) will visit a work area and identify any hazards. Areas that score amber or red compliance will receive a summary report and will be give action deadlines to improve. The College can choose to carry out internal self-inspections of their work areas. The College will act on results of audits and inspections carried out where audit results indicate Amber performance (improvement required) or Red performance (poor, action needed).

College Dean and College Executive Group (CEG)

College ACMI

College Health, safety and Wellbeing Committee