Staff use of CLES vehicles

The college own/lease a number of vehicles, which may be driven by authorised persons on College business.

  • If you need to use the vehicle, contact the College safety Office.
  • Drivers are advised that the University Motor Insurers, Commercial Union, involve excesses in cases where claims involve drivers under the age of 24, and over 25 years of age where a full driving licence has not been held for 12 months. Drivers qualified to avoid the excesses should drive whenever possible.
  • Private vehicles should not be used College business when a College vehicle is available (see below).
  • In the event of an accident involving damage to persons or property other than College vehicle or its occupants; details must be reported to the persons involved (or the owner of the property) or to the police and also to the Head of College and the Academic Registrar and Secretary of the University. If only a College vehicle is damaged, a report need only be made to the College Safety Office.
  • The University Finance Office holds the certificates of insurance of the vehicles.
  • Only authorised persons may travel in College vehicles.
  • Any unauthorised use or the misuse of vehicles may lead to withdrawal of the privilege of using them.
  • Users must ensure that the vehicle is in a safe condition (check the oil and water and condition of tyres etc.) before journey.
  • First aid kits are kept in each vehicle.

Use of Private Vehicles on College Business:

  • It is recommended that personnel use hired vehicles or College vehicles whenever possible. If the use of a private vehicle is unavoidable then the following points must be considered:
  • The vehicle must be taxed, road-worthy and suitable for the intended purpose
  • The insurance cover must be adequate i.e. it must specify for business use.
  • The Supervisor/College Safety Office considers such a use is necessary
  • The driver must holds a full UK drivers licence
  • A pro forma for Staff Use of Private Vehicles on University Business must be completed and signed and countersignature by the Assistant Manager Technical Infrastructure (download the form)

Minibus Passenger Transport Vehicles:

The College requires that minibus drivers attend recognised minibus driver training. Driver competency is a combination of experience, physical ability and training. Retraining every 4 years is recommended. Drivers are trained in order to reduce the dangers associated with driving minibuses and undertake practicable means to:

  • Reduce the likelihood of an accident occurring; and
  • Mitigate the extent of personal injury.

The College maintains a Register of Competent, Trained Minibus Drivers.