Class of 2016

Meet the newest additions to our alumni community. Congratulations Class of 2016!

We’d love to hear what you get up to in the coming months and years, and learn about your career and achievements. Stay in touch with us through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Lauren Adams

BSc Biological Sciences (Molecular and Cellular Biology)
"Lecturers at Exeter are happy to answer questions about their field of study – they’ve got so much knowledge to share!" Read more

Peter Coles

BSc Conservation Biology and Ecology - Cornwall
"Following graduation, I plan to work with the National Trust as a Ranger for the next couple of years, and then move into Ecological Consultancy" Read more

Liz Quirin

BSc Animal Behaviour  - Cornwall
"Following graduation, I have managed to get a presenting job on Cbeebies." Read more

Harriet Lawrence

BSc Zoology with Study Abroad  - Cornwall
"I’m currently an intern at the BBC where I’m working as a researcher for an upcoming series about the world’s cat species." Read more

Emily Beardshaw

BSc Geography  - Cornwall
"I am starting a new job as a trainee analyst with the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board." Read more

Christian Paulat-Brigg

BSc Sport and Exercise Science
"I enjoyed doing my dissertation when I was able really do my own research and show everybody what I am capable of." Read more

Millie Lee Reynolds

BA Geography
"I am currently working as a Digital and Communications Assistant at L’Oreal Luxe." Read more

Peter Cooper

BSc Zoology  - Cornwall
"Living among like-minded students in the maritime paradise that is Falmouth is an experience I’ll never take for granted!" Read more

Rosie McHugh

BA Geography  - Cornwall
"The scope of modules in Geography was excellent, which made studying enjoyable and varied." Read more

Molly Carlyle

BSc Psychology
"I am excited to continue to a three year funded PhD here at Exeter, starting in September." Read more

Gregg Harfleet

BA Geography
"I’m joining the Civil Service’s Project Delivery profession, where I’m looking forward to the opportunity to deliver real change to people across the UK." Read more

Beth Lindley

BSc Psychology
"I loved being able to learn about exciting research from the academic staff at Exeter who had conducted the studies." Read more

Sophie Appleby

BSc Sport and Exercise Science
"Here at Exeter we have access to the top level of equipment which has been really exciting and has benefitted me no end." Read more

Hannah Maplesden

BSc Biological Sciences
"University is a challenge but it is also a time when we have freedom. Try new things and enjoy yourself!" Read more

Luke Deane

BSc Biological and Medicinal Chemistry
"Exeter is full of like-minded people who share my love of science and I loved to talk about it with them." Read more